Space Access and Equipment Reservations

Space Access

Students and other individuals involved in HSD activities may request after-hours access to HSD facilities. To request access, please review the policies linked here and then complete and return a request form:

The request form can be completed digitally or by hand after it's downloaded from your browser. Once completed, please upload a copy of your form to our secure Box folder, along with a photograph or scan of your CatCard (both sides). If you prefer to email your form and CatCard images, you can send them to

To minimize disruptions to classes, HSD space users are asked to consult the program’s Google Calendar before planning any activities in the HSD suite.

Equipment Reservations

Whether you plan to use HSD’s 3D printers during regular business hours or after hours (irrespective of your CatCard access status), please reserve time on them using the links below. Print times can vary due to extruder errors and other factors, so please be courteous to other users who are experiencing unexpected delays. The self-serve reservation system is meant to eliminate long queues and wait times as much as possible, but it will still require patience and flexibility on the part of users on some occasions.

If you need to schedule long periods of time to accommodate larger print jobs, you can book as many back-to-back reservations as needed.